Pagel is no ideologue, a fact we should celebrate 


Dave Muellen, of Benton Harbor, criticized state Rep. Dave Pagel for his voting record (“Pagel’s claim to be conservative is laughable,” Letters, May 3). Mr. Muellen certainly has the absolute right to his opinions.

However, he is incorrect in calling Mr. Pagel a “lifelong politician.” Mr. Pagel served his school district as a board member, which hardly seems like a lifetime political career. I also take issue with what Mr. Muellen considers being in touch with our community values. Mr. Pagel consistently supports our public schools and our educators, which to me forms the bedrock of our values.

Mr. Pagel also is willing to work with the opposite party for what’s best for Michigan. Sadly, Mr. Muellen and our own U.S. Congressman Fred Upton seem to have forgotten that fundamental negotiating/compromise principle of democracy and “our values.”

Mr. Upton once touted his record of “reaching across the aisle,” and that effort seems to be lacking in his recent terms in office. I am glad we have people like Dave Pagel willing to serve us, and not bow to lockstep conservative dogma.

John Jarpe


The loss of young life merits far more sensitivity


This is in response to the man who thought that it was appropriate to make the statement (in a May 4 letter) that the deaths of the young men in the car chase was a “blessing,” and had the nerve to add the Trump-inspired quote “drain the swamp.”

I challenge him to contact one of the parents of these young men personally and tell them about this “blessing”! Maybe he feels that because they were black children they got what they deserved. The death of ANY child of ANY race is never a blessing. Maybe this man can start the “draining of the swamp” with himself.

Joyce Vance

Benton Harbor