A crew guides the head of the 20-foot-tall fiberglass Santa Claus statue into place at Fairplain Plaza in Benton Township in 2000. The statue has since gone missing after being stored inside The Orchards Mall during the pandemic.

BENTON TOWNSHIP — The towering Santa statute that became a fixture at The Orchards Mall, and before that at Fairplain Plaza, has been missing for at least six months.

Many area Facebook users have spent the better part of the past week asking what happened to the 20-foot statue and whether it was the same as the ones that have been spotted in Stevensville and Kalamazoo.


Children can drop off their letters to Santa next to the Santa Claus statue, now on display in downtown Stevensville. Several Facebook users have mistaken this statue for the one believed stolen from Orchards Mall several months ago.

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