From left, David Shelton, his wife Marie Shelton and Dan Shelton have built North Lake Weddings Events, an event center in Berrien Springs, which can be used for weddings, parties and gatherings.

BERRIEN SPRINGS — At a new Berrien Springs event space, the owners say a tour is all they need to sell clients on their venue.

North Lake Weddings + Events, which was completed in June, sits along a private lake on a 40-acre farm. The event venue, located at 10577 Jones Road in Berrien Springs, is hosting a grand-opening ceremony from 2-5 p.m. on Nov. 27.


North Lake Weddings Events has recently opened in Berrien Springs. 


North Lake Weddings Events, in Berrien Springs, is located in a country setting on a private lake.


The Shelton family have opened North Lake Weddings Events on a private lake in Berrien Springs.


North Lake Weddings Events, in Berrien Springs, features changing rooms for both brides, pictured, and the groom.

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