SH Mural 1.jpg

One finished panel of a large-scale mural project at South Haven High School is shown above. The mural is being painted on a large, concrete utility enclosure at the south entrance to the high school.

SOUTH HAVEN — Artist Kayla Wyszynski Ridley’s murals and artwork are everywhere in her hometown of South Haven. Visitors driving into town from M-43 Highway can see one of her first commissioned works along the side of Bronson Hospital’s medical building. Another mural showing children at play decorates the walls of the restroom facility and pavilion at Kids Corner Park, while a large, brightly colored one near the entrance to Rock ‘n Road bike shop shows a toddler riding a tricycle.

But her latest project has become a real labor of love.

SH Mural 2.jpg

Kayla Wyszynski Ridley of Kayski Creations is leading a group of South Haven High School students in creating a three-paneled mural depicting the school’s mascot in a variety of natural settings. The mural is being painted next to the south entrance to the high school.