Bike rack Jen Sistrunk

Jen Sistrunk, executive director of the South Haven/Van Buren County Convention and Visitors Bureau, stands next to one of the decorative bike racks that are being placed in downtown South Haven.

SOUTH HAVEN — In most downtowns, bicycle racks are pretty much nondescript; often made of grey or black metal, shaped into thin bars to lock bikes in place. Except for bicyclists looking for a spot to park their bike, the racks are overlooked by most people.

In South Haven, however, that may soon change. Eighteen new bicycle-shaped metal racks, decorated by artists throughout the South Haven area, are now being rolled out to various locations in the city’s downtown business district.

bike rack orange rack photo

Two decorative bike racks are shown ready to be installed in downtown South Haven. The rack in the foreground, "Fly Away With Me" was painted by Kelly Vander Kley. The other rack was painted by Aron Lowe of Fennville.

bike rack close up of rim

South Haven artist Jessica Byers painted several South Haven landmarks on the four interior panels of the bicycle rack she decorated, this panel depicting Michigan Maritime Museum's Friends Good Will tall ship sailing on Lake Michigan.