STEVENSVILLE — Lakeshore Superintendent Phil Freeman said he is confident that a Lakeshore football player testing positive for COVID-19 recently doesn’t mean that the virus is being spread during athletic practices at the school.

He said the player was showing no symptoms when he attended practice on Friday, July 10, but developed them the following day and has not attended a practice since.

Then this Wednesday, Freeman said the Berrien County Health Department contacted him about the positive COVID-19 test.

“They called us and reviewed our protocols, something that they helped us develop,” said Freeman, when contacted by phone. “... After reviewing all of our protocols, they decided that it was highly unlikely that there was any opportunity for transmission.”

An email was sent to all football parents this week and Wednesday evening’s football practice was canceled.

Freeman said the district will continue to follow the protocols set up based on information from the health department and the Michigan High School Athletic Association.

“We actually go beyond some of the recommendations by cohorting our kids into small groups, and they’re always with that same group of people just in case there is a situation like this that came up,” he said.

Athletic Director Greg Younger said several other high school teams are practicing, including tennis, cross country, golf, volleyball, basketball, soccer and softball. He said the middle school teams that are practicing are football and cross country.

“Everything begins with social distancing in everything we do,” he said. “The last thing we want to have happen is students or our families to become infected. We want to continue providing our students with something positive that they can be a part of.”

Freeman said district officials continue to be in constant contact with the health department as they make plans for students possibly returning to school in the fall.

“They’ve been great, just fantastic, with their guidance and support,” he said.

Freeman said parents are encouraged to keep their children home if they have any COVID-19 symptoms, which include cough, fever, sore throat and runny nose.

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