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Two weeks after the Oxford High School shooting, Southwest Michigan school districts are still receiving threats among students.

Four different threats were made Monday, two at Upton Middle School and two at Lakeshore’s high and middle schools.

Three students who allegedly made threats – two from Upton and one from Lakeshore High School – have been identified and were taken into custody by Lincoln Township police.

However, Lincoln Township Police Chief Gary Soper said the Lakeshore Middle School threat is still being investigated.

All Lakeshore Public Schools will be closed Tuesday, Superintendent Greg Eding said.

He said the decision was made to close the high school after a handwritten message was found shortly before 2 p.m. Monday. The decision to close the entire school district came late Monday after a verbal threat involving middle school students was reported to school administrators.

“We felt the need to close down because we’ve had two situations in two different buildings,” Eding said. “We had already closed the high school down. It just made sense.”

He said there will be no remote learning Tuesday either.

“We’re taking tomorrow (Tuesday) off to let us have some time to breath and to investigate the situations,” he said.

Eding asked that parents talk with their children about not making threats, even if they are joking.

St. Joseph Public Schools will remain open Tuesday, as both threats were handled quickly, Superintendent Jenny Fee said Monday.

Lincoln Township officers were called to Upton Middle School at about 11:30 a.m. Monday for a threat complaint, a Facebook post from the department stated.

Fee said a threat was written on a bathroom wall, but declined to say what language was used.

Officers reviewed video footage and identified a 13-year-old student, who admitted to making the threat.

Later that same day, another threat was reported at Upton. Fee said this threat was made by one student to another. The department’s Facebook post stated one student threatened to shoot the other.

The two Upton students who made the threats will face school discipline, Fee said.

Soper said the two Upton students have been petitioned to probate court and will have authorized charges filed against them. He said he was uncertain whether the charges would fall under felony or misdemeanor guidelines.

Fee said students need to understand the severity of these actions and how seriously authorities and school officials were taking them.

The four threats made Monday are just a few in a series of threats that have been made following the Oxford High School shooting. Lakeshore has handled numerous "safety situations," and a St. Joseph High School student was arrested and charged with making a felony terrorist threat last week.

A Coloma High School student was also arrested after his threat forced the school into a soft lockdown.

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