Another school year is winding its way to completion, but it’s doing so in unprecedented fashion because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seniors will graduate this spring, just as seniors have in years past, but they’ll do so having spent the last few months of their high school careers learning virtually.

Andrews Academy - David Nolan Keyes.jpg

David Nolan Keyes

Andrews Academy

Berrien Springs - Jacob Herman.jpg

Jacob Michael Herman

Berrien Springs High School

Berrien Springs - Jae Won Seo.jpg

Jae Won Seo

Berrien Springs High School

Bridgman - Brandon Alexander Feole.jpg

Brandon Alexander Feole

Bridgman High School

Bridgman - Lillian Grace Haskins.jpg

Lillian Grace Haskins

Bridgman High School

Lakeshore - Eric Dubbert.jpg

Eric Robert Dubbert

Lakeshore High School

Lakeshore - Reagan Warnock.jpg

Reagan Hayley Warnock

Lakeshore High School

Lakeshore - Emma Grace Woodard

Emma Grace Woodard

Lakeshore High School

Michigan Lutheran - Clare Berghaus.jpg

Clare Evelyn Berghaus

Mich. Lutheran High School

New Buffalo - Kira Eleni Arvanitis.jpg

Kira Eleni Arvanitis

New Buffalo High School

River Valley - Logan R. Payne.jpg

Logan R. Payne

River Valley High School

River Valley - Emma Nicole Springer.jpg

Emma Nicole Springer

River Valley High School

St. Joseph - Xuezhen (Thomas) Chen.jpg

Xuezhen (Thomas) Chen

St. Joseph High School

St. Joseph - Zachary Conybeare.jpg

Zachary James Conybeare

St. Joseph High School

St. Joseph - Amelia Paine.jpg

Amelia Jennifer Paine

St. Joseph High School

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