Andrews releases new edition of Study Bible

The New International Version of the Andrews Study Bible is shown.

BERRIEN SPRINGS — A popular, one-volume Bible study resource has extended its reach, according to an announcement from Andrews University President Andrea Luxton.

On Thursday, the university released the New International Version (NIV) of the Andrews Study Bible.

The Study Bible was first published by Andrews University Press in 2010 in the New King James Version (NKJV).

“It’s been a huge blessing to readers all around the world in retail, prison ministry and electronic formats, all in the NKJV,” Luxton said in a news release. “But we also knew right from the beginning that a large segment of the Christian world finds value in a more contemporary English translation.”

A study Bible is an edition of the Bible that provides extensive comments, or study notes, usually at the bottom of the page, to give background and fuller understanding of a biblical passage, along with other study resources.

Nearly 150,000 copies of the NKJV Andrews Study Bible have been sold to date, according to the release.

The process of adapting the content of the study notes from the NKJV to the NIV was a long task, according to Scottie Baker, editorial and marketing coordinator of Andrews University Press.

“Each note had to be evaluated for its continuing relevance and rewritten to correlate with the translation of the passage. That meant that some notes could be dropped because the NIV translation made the matter obvious,” Baker said. “Other times, new notes had to be written to address issues raised by the new translation.”

Luxton said the ultimate purpose of the Andrews Study Bible, as form Andrews president Niels-Erik Andreasen originally framed it, was to produce a work that is academically credible, theologically sound and practically useful for the individual lay reader.