Chris Momany holds David Stedman Ingraham’s journal, which documents the living quarters aboard the slave ship Ulysses.

In 2015, Chris Momany was a chaplain and part-time professor at Adrian College when he was asked to identify an obscure marble-covered journal.

“It wasn’t cataloged in the collection at the library ... and they weren’t sure what it was,” he said. “But it started in 1839, and Adrian College was founded in 1859.”


A sketch inside David Stedman Ingraham’s journal details how tight the quarters were for slaves aboard the Ulysses.


The Dialogue on Race and Faith includes, clockwise from bottom left, Diane Leclerc, Northwest Nazarene University; Douglas Strong, Seattle Pacific University; Stephen Newby, Seattle Pacific University; Matthew Sigler, Seattle Pacific University; David Daniels, McCormick Seminary; Mathieu Gnonhossou, Seattle Pacific University; Stephen Rankin, Southern Methodist University; Chris Momany, Dowagiac United Methodist Church; A. G. Miller, Oberlin College; Tiona Cage, MSW, Portland Seminary/George Fox University; Esther Chung-Kim, Claremont McKenna College. The group’s book on the project has the tentative title of “A Christian Legacy of Racial Justice.”

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