Wise Son’s Brisket is featured in “Eat Something” by Evan Bloom and Rachel Levin.

A combination cookbook – Jewish stand-up comedy and family album – “Eat Something: A Wise Sons Cookbook for Jews Who Like Food and Food Lovers Who Like Jews” by Evan Bloom and Rachel Levin includes recipes from Wise Sons Delicatessen, which has locations in the San Francisco and Tokyo.

“Our lives, as Jews, revolve around food in a way that’s at once fanatical, logical and comical, and to be honest, kind of pathological,” Bloom writes in the introduction to the book. “Especially when family is in town. Meals are plotted with the care and calculation of a presidential campaign. While spreading the cream cheese on our bagels, we discuss where we should go for lunch; while the Russian dressing drips from our Reubens, we ruminate over dinner reservations; while arguing over the best way to get to the airport in the morning, we wonder if we’ll have time to pick up egg-and-cheese sandwiches on the way. (We won’t.)”

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