I’m in the large, stainless steel-centric kitchen at Froehlich’s Kitchen & Pantry in downtown Three Oaks watching partners Colleen Froehlich and Amy Logan assemble to-go meal kits.

The trays are filled with complete dinners, such as meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy and a side vegetable, grilled salmon and sides, and even desserts. It’s their way of feeding customers since the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down their ability to serve sit-down customers.

Mud pies

Currently, Froehlich’s is selling mini mud pies for takeout. They are accompanied with nuts and caramel rum sauce to use as toppings.


Colleen Froehlich spent three years gutting and renovating the two floors at Froehlich's. Upstairs is an event space and below are her pantry goods, a coffee bar and a restaurant.

ladder and jars

Froehlich’s makes a variety of pickled vegetables, jams, preserves, salsas and more.

Stuffed peppers

Red sweet peppers stuffed with meat and vegetables and covered with marinara sauce are available for take-out at Froehlich’s.


Egg noodles topped with fried eggplants and house-made marinara sauces is a popular take-out item at Froehlich’s.

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