BENTON HARBOR — Rachael and Dominic Davis want to have a relaxing summer the only way they know how: touring together.

“We’ve been playing more on our own and been very busy. We’ve done the occasional show together, but I played like 20 festivals last summer, so we thought we’d take it easy this summer,” Dominic Davis said in a recent interview from their home in Nashville.

The husband and wife duo will return to The Livery on Saturday to perform some old songs and some new.

“It feels like a novelty and it’s exciting,” Rachael Davis said in a phone interview while on the road with the folk group The Sweet Water Warblers. “It is so much fun. We did it together for long, but with being busy, this is like the first summer in many years we have a whole bunch of shows again.”

Dominic, the bassist for Jack White and others, said before their son was 5, he would come along to all of his and Rachael’s shows.

“Now he’s 11 and he doesn’t want to miss school,” he said. “It was much easier before we had kids, now it’s harder to rehearse at home and to do anything formal we have to divide and concur.”

Dominic said touring with Rachael is a really nice way to spend time together and playing together is a lot different than playing with others.

“It’s interesting. I love playing behind singers, I always have, and she’s one of the best I know,” he said. “It’s one of the best dynamics. Other times I would blurt stuff out while playing and I can’t do that with her.”

Rachael said a lot of the songs they’ll play this weekend are swing and blues songs they wrote a long time ago or that they’ve been playing for a while.

“The last record I did was five years ago and a lot of stuff we do is from that album, but there are new songs that we’ve been playing lately. So some old stuff and new stuff and familiar stuff that people have heard before,” she said.

Dominic said it’s a pretty spontaneous process.

“She reads the crowd and calls them off as we go. She sees what the room needs,” he said. “Some stellar singing is what you can expect.”

The two are also excited to return to The Livery, being natives of Michigan. Rachael grew up in Cadillac and Dominic grew up in southwest Detroit.

While Rachael was there just in April with the Sweet Water Warblers, Dominic said he hasn’t played there in 15 years.

“There are a lot of places I haven’t been that all my friends have played because we moved to Nashville,” he said.

Rachael said The Livery in April was a wonderful experience and she even brought the growler back that they had given her the last time they were there.

She hinted at a another show in the area in the fall and in the winter of 2020 with The Sweet Water Warblers.

Contact:, 932-0357, Twitter: @HPANewman

Who: Rachael and Dominic Davis

When: 8:30 p.m. Saturday

Where: The Livery, 190 5th St., Benton Harbor

Cost: $15 advance, $20 at door

More info: or 925-8760