Religion Insights columnist for The Herald-Palladium

Recently, our church put up a new electronic sign. Signs, as you know, are designed to draw attention to your business, to inform others of your existence or, in some cases, let others know what you do. Or at least to get someone curious enough to inquire further.

Well, you and I are not “businesses” per se when it comes to advertising and making others aware of what we do or how we think. Yet, as I thought about our sign, I wondered, in some ways, are we not a “sign” as individuals, making a statement by how we live and the things we say as we interact with others.

Today’s Insights was written by the Rev. Scott Reeve, senior pastor of Oakridge Community Church in St. Joseph. Insights is written by area clergy to give different viewpoints on a variety of topics. It is published each weekend in cooperation with the Berrien County Association of Churches. The views expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the views of member churches.