Call me a survivor. I’ve been a Chrysler Corporation/Mopar fan forever. My 10 years older brother Jim liked Ford, my 7 years older brother Frank liked Chevy. So naturally little brother Dar liked what was left, Chrysler Corporation. I’ve never regretted having an allegiance with Chrysler, but admittedly there were times on too many occasions when I wondered if the uniquely American automaker would make it through a tough financial patch. Like in the early 1960s when some really bad decisions on both styling direction and size (I’m looking at you 1962 Plymouth and Dodge) caused a severe sales slide. Then we all probably recall the late ’70s financial swoon when newly appointed CEO Lee Iacocca had to go hat-in-hand to U.S. Congress for a big loan. Remember the K-car?

It really got dicey in the 2000s when what had become the DaimlerChrysler corporation split up and Chrysler was owned briefly by an equity company until bankruptcy was filed in 2009. That’s when the last turnaround took place and what became the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US LLC (FCA) was created. Happily for this Mopar fan, the ensuing 10 or 11 years have been successful and almost stress-free.

Dar Davis founded the Lake Bluff Concours and chaired the event for many years. He has been writing this column since 1999. He can be reached at