I’m always looking to learn new things.

Maybe that’s why I’m a journalist. I get to learn about all sorts of different topics at work each day.

I’m looking forward to August because it is a month to take some time to try new things.

I’m going to start August by learning a new game.

Aug. 1 is National Mahjong Day. The 19th-century strategy game became popular in the U.S. in the 1920s.

While the game is played with tiles, it’s much like rummy. The day was created to raise awareness of the game that’s said to bridge cultures and generations.

On Saturday night, I’m going to try something else new with National Jamaican Patty Day. If you’re not of Jamaican or Caribbean descent, the day is observed annually on the first Saturday in August to celebrate the “turnover style pastry,” which can have a variety of fillings, like seasoned ground beef, chicken, seafood or vegetables.

It is said the Jamaican patty was born from the English Cornish pastry, a similar food that came to Jamaica during colonization. It also bears a resemblance to the Spanish empanada.

National Underwear Day is Aug. 5, but that’s not going to bring any new experiences for me because I work that day.

The day was created in 2003 by underwear company Freshpair as a way for everyone to embrace their underwear with confidence. It’s also a day for body positivity.

In 2013, the company hosted a party in New York City to break the world record for most people gathered in their underwear.

When you think about it, underwear doesn’t cover up much more than a swimsuit does, but you still probably won’t catch me outside in my underwear.

Aug. 6 is National Wiggle Your Toes Day. The day is simply meant for people to air our their peds by going barefoot or by wearing sandals. This is nothing new for me as I love wearing sandals.

National Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day might be one of the most unusual holidays this month that I’m going to have to figure out how to celebrate.

It’s celebrated annually on Aug. 8 because of people ending up with too much zucchini at about this time of year. Apparently it’s not easy to preserve, so it must be eaten quickly.

The day promotes the donation of a nutritious food to your neighbors, or to food banks.

Aug. 13 is Left-Handers Day. As a right-hander, I have never experienced the trouble of using those different little scissors growing up, or always bumping elbows with others at the dinner table. This could be a fun day for right-handed people to try to be left-handed for a day.

National Nonprofit Day is Aug. 17. If you’re never volunteered before, this might be a good day to give back to your favorite cause. There are more than 1,000 nonprofit groups in Southwest Michigan that rely on volunteers and donations to run.

Volunteering is nothing new for me, though. I’ve been trying to give back since I was a wee little Girl Scout.

I learned something new when I found National WebMistress Day. A WebMistress is a woman who designs, develops, markets and maintains websites. The term has a place not only on résumés but is a legitimate job title in the business world.

The day, Aug. 26, was created in 2016 to promote women in web design and celebrate the legitimacy of the job title.

Aug. 28 – my favorite human’s birthday – is National Bow Tie Day. I think I might try something new and dress up fancy with a bow tie. Really flex my gender muscles.

I can’t find a good way to try something new with the last day of the month because I don’t think I’ll be planning a trip to the South in August.

Aug. 31 is National South Carolina Day, among others. Each state has a holiday to celebrate what makes the state special. Michigan’s is in January: so apparently it’s the cold and snow.

If you want to see what other days you can celebrate, I get most of my information from nationaldaycalendar.com.

If you see a holiday you think I should highlight, email me at anewman@TheHP.com or find me on Twitter @HPANewman.

Alexandra Newman is a staff writer for The Herald-Palladium.