"Flight of the Graf Zeppelin and Other Historical Stories from Berrien County," a new book from the Berrien County Historical Association, is now available.The book combines two earlier books, volumes three and four of "Historical Sketches of Berrien County," into a single volume. Curator and author Robert Myers compiled 79 short stories about local history, illustrated with more than 60 photographs and drawings, for the book.The book title comes from one of the stories. In August 1929, the huge German dirigible Graf Zeppelin flew directly over Berrien County on its record-breaking around-the-world flight.Thousands of area residents watched the great airship pass overhead and then followed its progress in newspapers as it completed its flight to New Jersey.Other stories detail eras, people and events in local history ranging from those of national importance to the merely quirky. "The Civil War Draft," for example, details the controversy surrounding the military draft in Berrien County, while "The Influenza Pandemic of 1918" describes the local impact of a pandemic that claimed millions of lives worldwide.The more peculiar story topics recount how a St. Joseph priest made national headlines in a campaign against toy teddy bears, how the Clark Equipment Co. of Buchanan once produced an air-conditioned bed and how a daredevil once tried to roll across Lake Michigan inside a giant balloon called the Foolkiller.Stories in "Flight of the Graf Zeppelin" come from Myers' weekly program on radio station WAUS (90.7 FM) in Berrien Springs. The public radio station airs his stories every Tuesday, and the Historical Association has compiled them into a series of books.The first two volumes of "Historical Sketches of Berrien County" have gone through several printings and are combined into a single book, "The Great Pere Marquette Train Wreck." When volumes three and four of the "Historical Sketches" series also sold out, the Historical Association decided to combine them into a single volume as well."The Flight of the Graf Zeppelin" costs $14.95. Copies can be purchased at the Courthouse Museum gift shop in Berrien Springs.Mail order is available by writing to the Historical Association at P.O. Box 261, Berrien Springs, MI 49103. People should include 90 cents per book for Michigan sales tax. Shipping is $3 for the first book and $1 for each additional copy.People who want more information may call the Historical Association at 471-1202.