ST. JOSEPH -- Berrien County Prosecutor James Cherry on Wednesday denied a request for an arrest warrant against Benton Harbor Patrolman Aleem Abdullah in an incident his wife, Nikkita, alleged was domestic violence .

Instead, Cherry recommended adding a requirement to her domestic violence probation order that Nikkita have no contact with Aleem Abdullah.

He said he also will recommend she obtain a personal protection order preventing him from contacting her.

In a memo to the investigating officer, Chief Sheriff's Deputy William Marx, Cherry said based on the report of the Nov. 23 incident it was impossible to figure out whether Abdullah or his wife, Nikkita, started the fight.

But Cherry noted that her history of assaultive behavior and the fact that she was at his house at the time seemed to point to her as instigator.

Cherry wrote, "No clear evidence exists which would lead me to believe that we could prevail in a criminal trial where we would have to choose one side over the other."

Cherry added that he has authorized a warrant against Nikkita Abdullah for assault and battery against Verna McGruder at 1252 Bishop St. Nov. 21, two days before she complained her husband assaulted her.

Cherry pointed out the assault and battery warrant "is a problem for Nikkita as she is currently on probation for domestic violence."

If the allegation involving McGruder proves to be true, Nikkita Abdullah would have violated terms of her probation.