BENTON TOWNSHIP — This week, Berrien County accumulated the fewest number of new COVID-19 cases in a week since March.

The Berrien County Health Department reported Friday that there were just 12 new cases since last Friday.

The county still has 60 COVID-19 total deaths on record, the first week without a death since March.

“While Berrien County’s cases are down, we are watching closely as other areas in our state and nation are experiencing spikes in new cases,” the department wrote on its Facebook page.

The county is now at a cumulative case total of 701, and 622 total recoveries. That’s 30 new recoveries since last Friday.

With the deaths and recoveries, there are about 19 active cases in the county, plus a few presumed positive cases that have not been tested. The county has 222 presumed positive cases, but those recoveries are not counted toward the official recovered count.

The BCHD also reported that no new cases were reported in long-term care facilities this week. The county still has a total of 123.

Spectrum Health Lakeland was treating three COVID-19 patients as of Friday morning, two more than last Friday.

Van Buren/Cass

The Van Buren Cass District Health Department released its weekly tally of recovered COVID-19 patients Friday.

There are now 125 people recovered in Van Buren County, just one more than last week.

Cass County now has 78 people recovered, 12 more than last week.

Neither county has added a death in the last several weeks. Van Buren has six and Cass has four.

Van Buren County added one case on Friday, bringing its total to 198. The county added 10 cases in the last week.

With deaths and recoveries, the county has about 67 active cases, eight more than last Friday.

Cass County added no cases Friday. It has a cumulative total of 118 cases. The county added 12 cases in the last week.

With deaths and recoveries, the county has about 36 active case, the same as last Friday.

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