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This week the Berrien County Health Department announced it would be updating its COVID-19 data dashboard.

As of Friday afternoon, the dashboard had not been updated.

“We are making some improvements to the dashboard and working to display even more information about COVID-19 in our community,” BCHD officials said on social media.

The dashboard has been active on the health department’s website since May 2020.

According to state data, Berrien County remained in the high COVID-19 transmission level all week. This is the fifth week in a row the county has been in high transmission.

From Sept. 9-15, the county recorded about 430 new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 residents. From Sept. 2-8, the county recorded about 157 new cases per 100,000 residents.

The county had about 13.5 percent of its tests coming back positive this week. That’s up from 12.7 percent last week.

COVID hospitalizations at Spectrum Health Lakeland did not increase significantly this week as hospital officials predicted they might last week.

On average, there were about 22 patients admitted a day. That’s the total admitted, not new admissions each day. That includes people who are being treated for COVID-19 symptoms and those that are positive that are admitted for something else.

On Friday, state data showed Spectrum Health Lakeland having 19 COVID patients and six in the intensive care unit.

That equates to about 93 percent bed occupancy.

Vaccine update

Berrien County’s COVID-19 vaccine uptake increased significantly this week compared to the last few weeks.

COVID-19 vaccine providers in Berrien County administered 1,799 doses this week. The previous week the county administered 872 doses, and the week before, 1,071 doses.

As of Thursday, 139,545 doses of COVID-19 vaccine had been administered in Berrien County with 64,129 of those being second doses, according to state data.

That equates to about 57.5 percent of Berrien County residents (12 and up) with at least one dose of vaccine, and about 52.9 percent being fully vaccinated.

Last Thursday, the county was at 56.7 percent with at least one dose and 52.3 percent fully vaccinated.

Van Buren, Cass

Van Buren and Cass counties both remained in high COVID-19 transmission again this week.

Van Buren County recorded 220 new COVID-19 cases this week and one new death. The county had recorded 124 new cases last week and 56 new cases the week before.

Cass County recorded 164 new COVID-19 cases this week and three new deaths. The county had recorded 126 new cases last week and 46 new cases the week before.

Van Buren County’s percent positivity went from 8.3 percent last week to 12 percent this week, according to county data. Cass County’s percent positivity increased from 18.6 percent to 19 percent.

In total, Van Buren County has recorded 7,498 COVID-19 cases and 134 deaths. Cass County has recorded 5,424 COVID-19 cases and 77 deaths.

As of Thursday, Van Buren County was at 61 percent of residents (12 and up) with at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine and 56.5 percent fully vaccinated, according to state data.

Last Thursday, the county was at 60.4 percent with one dose and 55.9 percent fully vaccinated.

As of Thursday, Cass County was at about 40.1 percent of residents with at least one dose and 36.6 percent fully vaccinated.

Last Thursday, the county was at 39.3 percent with one dose and 36.1 percent fully vaccinated.

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