BENTON TOWNSHIP — Berrien County continues to record a similar number of new COVID-19 cases and recoveries week to week.

Berrien County added 79 new COVID-19 cases and 59 new recoveries this week. The previous week the county added 55 new cases and 66 recoveries.

In addition, the county’s percent positivity rate for COVID-19 testing remained at about 3 percent this week. That’s with about 573 tests being administered daily.

Berrien County had no new COVID-19 deaths this week, though the state added two deaths to county’s death toll due to reviews of death certificates.

The state does this periodically to reflect how many people have had COVID-19 as a major cause of their death. This brings Berrien County’s death toll to 73.

With deaths and recoveries, the county is at about 100 active COVID-19 cases. Last Friday, the county had about 82.

In total, the county has now has 1,671 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 1,498 recoveries, 73 deaths and 264 probable cases. That’s an addition of 11 probable cases over last Friday.

Spectrum Health was treating six COVID-19 patients Friday morning. That’s a rise from the two it was treating last Friday, but down from nine the Friday before that.

Van Buren/Cass

Cass County, with a smaller population than Van Buren County, continues to record almost or more than double the amount of new COVID-19 cases each week.

Cass County added 57 new COVID-19 cases this week, while Van Buren County added 21.

The previous week Cass added 57, while Van Buren added 30.

Cass County’s percent positivity rate stayed the same this week at 6 percent, with about 129 tests being done daily.

Van Buren County’s percent positivity rate rose slightly from 2.5 percent last week to 3.3 percent as of Monday. That’s with doing about 249 tests daily.

No new deaths were recorded in either county this week, keeping Van Buren County’s death toll at 15 and Cass County’s at 16.

In total, Cass County has now recorded 527 COVID-19 cases and 364 recoveries. That’s an addition of 20 recoveries since last week. The previous week the county added 28 recoveries.

With deaths and recoveries, Cass County is at about 147 active COVID-19 cases. That’s up from 110 last Friday.

In total, the Van Buren County has now had 667 COVID-19 cases and 533 recoveries. That’s an addition of 42 recoveries since last week. The previous week the county added 65 recoveries.

With deaths and recoveries, the county has about 119 active COVID-19 cases. That’s down from 140 last Friday.

School cases

No outbreaks were reported at any of Berrien, Cass or Van Buren county schools this week by the state. Michigan updates its School-Related Outbreaks report each Monday.

An outbreak defined by the state is two or more COVID-19 cases who may have shared exposure on school grounds and are from different households.

Some area school districts had been sharing the number of positive COVID-19 cases and students in quarantine, but they will now be required to by an order Gov. Gretchen Whitmer made Friday.

Lakeshore High School had 19 students in quarantine and three confirmed positive cases as of Monday.

Coloma Junior High had two students in quarantine as of last Friday.

Bridgman Elementary School had one student in quarantine as of Thursday.

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