Lincoln Township

LINCOLN TOWNSHIP — Five candidates are running for four available trustee seats in Lincoln Township for the Aug. 4 primary.

Among the five Republican candidates are four incumbents: Marc Florian, Thomas Norbey II, Deborah Peterson and Rick Stone. Also running is challenger Kevin Gillette, a familiar face who previously served as township supervisor and as a trustee.

The top four vote-getters will move on to the November general election, where they will run unopposed. The seats all carry four-year terms.

Florian, 59, is a lifelong resident who recently retired from Environmental Consulting and Technology. The trustee has served on the township planning commission, Lakeland Health Foundation Board and the finance committee for Cornerstone Alliance.

“I’ve always been intrigued by the planning issues that affect the township,” he said. “That has been my primary reason for remaining involved in township government. I would like to help ensure the aesthetic attributes that make this community a place where we want to live to be there in the future.”

Gillette, 65, is a former Lincoln Township supervisor and trustee who last ran for public office in 2016, when he campaigned for the Berrien County drain commissioner position. With more than 20 years of experience in municipal positions, he’s served on the Berrien County Planning Commission, as campaign chair for the FixBerrienRoads millage campaign in 2012 and as a volunteer at the Berrien County Youth Fair.

“A lot of residents encouraged me to run for township board again,” Gillette said. “The township has been pretty busy with beachfront property, but I feel we need to finish the sidewalk projects we started.”

Norbey, 52, along with serving as trustee, is chairman for the township’s Community Fun Day and president of the Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce.

“I like serving for the people. I have absolutely loved it. I love the detailed work,” he said. “My focus as a trustee is backing up the parks department and connecting the non-motorized path so people can walk or bike safely.”

Deborah Peterson, 69, previously worked as the deputy treasurer to St. Joseph Township for 33 years and remains a trustee for Lincoln Townshp.

“I would like to see the pedestrian non-motorized path completed. I used to walk that with my children and had to maneuver the traffic,” she said. “I would like to see that project through. I also plan to continue supporting the parks department.”

Rick Stone, 68, has served on the Stevensville Downtown Development Authority and Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce,

“I’ve been in Stevensville for about 40 years. I appreciate the community and want to be a part of keeping it an attractive area,” Stone said. “My goal has always been to represent the residents. I’m choosing to maintain that."

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