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BANGOR — Voters in the Bangor Public School District will head to the polls on May 2 to decide the fate of a $7.25 million bond proposal to upgrade school facilities and enhance technology.

The proposal comes on the heels of a previous $41 million bond issue that was denied by voters in May 2022.

Superintendent Lynn Johnson said the hope is the scaled-back proposal will pass.

“After the defeat, the district reviewed the request along with input from the community,” Johnson said. “People had things they did not support: Raising taxes from their current millage, major improvements to athletic facilities and other structures. What we did hear was support of school safety and the educational environment. The facilities committee worked to review the 2022 request and began eliminating things that did not fit safety and educational environment, and that is how this proposal was created.”

One feature of the new proposal should prove appealing to voters, according to Johnson – the current tax rate won’t increase if the bond issue passes.

“In December of 2022, the district levied 4.5 mils to taxpayers,” Johnson said. “That millage rate is projected to be 3.46 in December of 2023. The district is asking voters to approve the 1.04 millage on May 2 to hold the current millage at 4.5 mils,” Johnson went on to say. If voters agree to do so, the 1.04 rate would provide $7.25 million over the next 30 years to allow the district to make facility upgrades.”

Proposed upgrades that are part of the bond proposal include improved security of building entrances; parking lot expansion at South Walnut Elementary School; South Walnut playground improvements; and new educational technology district-wide.

Improvements at the high school and middle school would include media center renovations; STEM lab renovations; classroom furniture and equipment upgrades; cafeteria serving area improvements; restroom renovations; additional staff restrooms; and replacement of flooring in several classrooms.