There will be a handful of primary races in Berrien County this August, with a couple of countywide races.

Among the contested races for the primary include county treasurer, the register of deeds and the county commissioner seats in Districts 4, 5 and 6.

Shelly Weich, who was appointed this week as treasurer after former Treasurer Bret Witkowski resigned, will face Adrian Rolling for a four-year term as county treasurer.

Lora Freehling, who was named register of deeds after the tragic death of Lori Jarvis in 2018, will face Brandon Vance for a four-year term as register of deeds.

Sharon Henderson is challenging Commissioner Mamie Yarbrough to represent District 4.

One Democrat and two Republicans are vying for an open seat in District 5, as Commissioner Bill Chickering is not running for re-election.

Also, Commissioner Christopher Heugel will face candidate Julie Wuerfel in District 6.

Below is a breakdown of all candidates – listed in alphabetical order – running for county seats:

County Prosecutor (Four-year term)

Steven Pierangeli, R-St. Joseph

County Sheriff (Four-year term)

Paul Bailey, R-Berrien Center (incumbent)

County Clerk (Four-year term)

Gwenetta Swanigan, D-St. Joseph

Sharon Tyler, R-Niles (incumbent)

County Treasurer (Four-year term)

Troy Rolling, R-Benton Harbor

Shelly Weich, R-Baroda

Register of Deeds (Four-year term)

Lora Freehling, R-Stevensville

Brandon Vance, R-Buchanan

Drain Commissioner (Four-year term)

Christopher Quattrin, R-St. Joseph (incumbent)

County Surveyor (Four-year term)

John Kamer, R-Eau Claire (incumbent)

County Commissioner District 1 (Two-year term)

Kevin Holmes, D-Coloma

David Vollrath, R-Coloma (incumbent)

County Commissioner District 2 (Two-year term)

Jon Hinkelman, R-Watervliet (incumbent)

County Commissioner District 3 (Two-year term)

Donnie Meeks, D-Benton Harbor (incumbent)

County Commissioner District 4 (Two-year term)

Sharon Henderson, D-Benton Harbor

Mamie Yarbrough, D-Benton Harbor (incumbent)

County Commissioner District 5 (Two-year term)

Rayonte Bell, D-Benton Harbor

Bruce Gorenflo, R-St. Joseph

David Yardley, R-St. Joseph

County Commissioner District 6 (Two-year term)

Christopher Heugel, R-St. Joseph (incumbent)

Julie Wuerfel, R-St. Joseph

County Commissioner District 7 (Two-year term)

Robert Harrison, R-Stevensville (incumbent)

County Commissioner District 8 (Two-year term)

Teri Freehling, R-Baroda (incumbent)

County Commissioner District 9 (Two-year term)

Richard Eichholz, D-Union Pier

Ezra Scott, R-New Buffalo (incumbent)

County Commissioner District 10 (Two-year term)

Richard Elliott, R-Buchanan (incumbent)

County Commissioner District 11 (Two-year term)

James Curran, R-Niles (incumbent)

County Commissioner District 12 (Two-year term)

Michael Majerek, R-Niles (incumbent)

Michael Poorman, D-Niles