Cass County records fifth COVID-19 death

Cass County recorded another COVID-19 death over the weekend, the first death recorded in about three weeks.

This brings the county’s total deaths to five.

Cass County recorded an additional six COVID-19 cases over the weekend, bringing its total to 124 cases. The county had 78 people recovered as of Friday.

Van Buren County added two cases over the weekend, bringing its total number of cases to an even 200. The county still has six deaths. The county had 125 people recovered as of Friday.

Berrien County added 17 COVID-19 cases over the weekend, backtracking from only having 12 cases recorded all of last week. There are now 718 cumulative cases. The county still has 60 recorded deaths.

In addition, Berrien County actually lost a recovery over the weekend. The county is now sitting at 621 recoveries.

Spectrum Health Lakeland was treating one COVID-19 patient as of Monday morning.

Grant enhances SHAES water rescue capabilities

SOUTH HAVEN — South Haven Area Emergency Services (SHAES) is broadening its ability to respond to water rescue incidents by providing its paid-on-call members with water rescue equipment that stays with the responders all of the time.

Thanks to a $3,750 grant from the Albemarle Corporation of South Haven, 19 SHAES responders now have a fitted PFD – personalized flotation device (life jacket), helmet and throw-bag containing 50 feet of rope.

SHAES equipment (ambulances, rescue truck, engines) also contain this equipment, but frequently the paid-on-call members who respond from their home or workplace are the first to arrive on an emergency scene.

“Minutes, if not seconds, count in this type of emergency situation,” said Chief Brandon Hinz. “We are grateful for the continuing support of Albemarle as we strive to protect our community to the best of our ability.”

Hinz also thanked former chief Ron Wise who pursued funding for the acquisition.

In recent weeks SHAES staff has been conducting its annual water rescue drills on Lake Michigan and Lake Arvesta. A recent drill included members of the South Haven Police Department whose officers also have PFDs in their patrol cars.