ST. JOSEPH — Spectrum Health Lakeland's Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Lowell Hamel, has tested positive for COVID-19 and is being treated at Lakeland Medical Center's COVID-19 unit in St. Joseph, according to Spectrum Health Lakeland President Dr. Loren Hamel, who shared the news in a video on Friday that was sent to all Lakeland employees.

The video was posted on Facebook and is being shared in the community. Lowell Hamel is the twin brother of Loren Hamel.

Lowell Hamel's condition was listed as "good" as of Monday afternoon, according to a Spectrum Health Lakeland spokeswoman.

Loren Hamel reported on the video Friday that his brother had been feeling ill for a few days and had stayed home, to limit any possible exposure to others. Hamel added that as of Friday, his brother was doing well during his stay at Lakeland.

In addition to his role at Spectrum Health Lakeland, Lowell Hamel still sees patients at a family practice in Berrien Springs near the campus of Andrews University. The practice, University Medical Specialties, recently became a part of the Spectrum Health Lakeland system.

In addition to his role as COO, Lowell Hamel is also a senior vice president and the chief clinical officer at Spectrum Health Lakeland. 

In the video, Hamel also shared the news with employees that Spectrum Health Lakeland is being hit hard financially by the pandemic, like so many other industries and businesses. Hamel said the health system lost $7.6 million in March.

Losses will keep mounting for Lakeland and other hospital systems, as elective procedures and most associate doctors offices in the hospital system are sidelined during the worst of the pandemic.