BARODA — The Baroda Township Fire Station is starting to resemble a set from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller, “The Birds.”

Or at least, a whole lot of sparrows are infesting the building, township Supervisor Jim Brow told the Township Board on Monday. The birds, evidently getting in under the roof through vents, are building big nests near some fans, causing a fire hazard, and are “doing their numbers right on the tables” in the building, he added.

“We don’t want the Fire Department catching on fire,” Treasurer Brenda Troxell said. “That would be bad.”

The nest is “humongous,” Brow said. “I can’t believe sparrows made that nest. Lots of sparrows.”

The board authorized finding a contractor to fix the problem. Trustee David Wolf said it might require holding a special meeting later this month to pay for the repairs.

Also Monday, the board approved a permit with Melrose Pyrotechnics for the annual fireworks display at dusk on Wednesday, July 3.

“The fireworks are going to be as good as usual, and lots of them,” Brow said after the meeting. “The same thing as always, only a few more.”

The show is “always on the 3rd, so we beat St. Joe,” Brow added. St. Joseph’s annual fireworks display off Silver Beach County Park is always held on July 4.

Baroda’s big display annually attracts an enormous crowd, with vehicles filling the 20-acre field behind the Baroda American Legion Hall and spilling over into the village’s Industrial Park. This is the last year parking will be allowed in the park, as the Baroda Village Council has sold almost all the lots there and has approved putting in roads.

In other matters, the board held off on ordering repairs to a township truck. Officials said the township had the truck repaired after a worker damaged the truck backing a trailer into a public works building, then recently had the same accident.

“We should not decide right now” whether to pay the $2,422 bill out of pocket or ask for insurance reimbursement, Clerk Christina Price said. The insurance company might take the worker off the policy since it’s the second accident by the same worker, officials said.

Troxell reported that the township Planning Commission has approved a special land use permit for a short-term rental at 9910 Hills Road.

The board held a short public hearing and voted to correct its general appropriations act approved earlier this year. The original act, approved earlier this year, had not taken into account changes to the fire equipment and police millage levy renewals due to the Headlee Tax Limitation Act.