BENTON HARBOR — “I’m glad they’re doing something before I die.”

That was the reaction from Frances Davis of Benton Harbor Monday as she watched workers grind down the top layer of La Vette Avenue in front of her house so it can be repaved.

“It was pretty bad,” she said. “I had holes in front of my driveway.”

Monday was the first day of work approved by Benton Harbor city commissioners using revenue from the city’s income tax, which was approved by voters on Nov. 7, 2017, and went into effect on Jan. 1, 2018. Benton Harbor city commissioners have approved almost $1 million in work to be done by Kalin Construction of Sodus. 

Tim Drews of Abonmarche, the city’s engineering firm, said the portions of streets that were ground down Monday will start being paved today. 

“The goal is to have everything wrapped up by mid-November,” he said.

The project needs to be done by then because that is when the asphalt plants close for the winter.

Drews said portions of streets all over the city will receive facelifts. Some parts are being milled and resurfaced, like what is happening on La Vette Avenue. On other streets, only the potholes will be repaired, he said.

He said the work will move pretty fast, as long as they get cooperation from residents. A few days before their street is to be done, he said residents will receive a notice on their door asking them not to park on the street. In addition, signs are placed at street corners where work is to be done stating, “Road Repair No Parking 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.”

“We’ve had good cooperation so far,” he said.

Once the road is paved, he said people can start driving on it once it cools in a couple of hours.

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