Backup marijuana site being vetted in Hartford

Don Campbell / HP staff The Hartford City Hall is pictured Nov. 17, 2017.

HARTFORD — Several more things need to be done before the Hartford City Commission can approve the application for a marijuana facility. 

Last month commissioners denied Med+Leaf’s original application for a provisioning center at 11 W. Main St. because it was too close to a church.

The new application for 309 W. Main St. meets all distance requirements but the site plan needs approval by the fire chief and building inspector before the city can give it the green light, the City Commission decided Monday night.

The commission was set to vote on the measure Monday, but Commissioner John Miller said the vote was preemptive because those inspections had not been completed.

“Our ordinance specifically says, ‘No application shall be approved unless the fire chief or designee and the building inspector have inspected the plans of the proposed location for compliance with all the laws for which they are charged with enforcing’,” Miller said.

Miller further said it requires the city attorney to review the application and building lease. He said he is fine with the application as long as all the proper steps are taken.

“Us approving a medical marijuana facility is a big deal for us and we want to make sure we follow our ordinances properly,” Miller said.

Alex Von Koenig, with Med+Leaf, said they will get the official drawings from the architect later this week and can bring them to the city immediately.

Mayor Rick Hall said the fire chief and building inspector can be brought in on short notice to approve the site plans and a special commission meeting could be called next week to approve the application.

Van Koenig said their updated timeline, with city and state approval, calls for having the store to open by Oct. 2 at the earliest.

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