BARODA — The Baroda Villlage Council on Monday approved participating in the national flood insurance program.

The village’s participation allows homeowners to get flood insurance through their private insurance carrier, council President Pro Tem Larry Nye said.

The village has come through this year’s flooding without major problems, though Hickory Creek does run through the village, Nye said after the meeting. And one homeowner did have some basement damage, he added.

“They weren’t entitled to apply for flood insurance at all, because the village didn’t participate in the program,” Nye said. “So we decided from now on we’ll participate, so if it happens to someone else, if Hickory Creek comes up so high like it did before, they would qualify.”

Hickory Creek “has been real high, and the water table is higher,” Nye continued. “But Baroda is a little higher than some of the communities here in Berrien County, and here in the village, we had very little flooding.”

Also Monday, the council agreed to spend an additional $4,770 to get some additional paving on Center Street.

The pavement needs to be wider than earlier specified to cover everything, Nye said. “It’ll make a nice street out of it,” he continued.

The council earlier this year approved the paving project at a cost of about $79,000, officials said after the meeting.

In other matters, Clerk Tina Boehm said the most recent Music in the Park program attracted more than 300 people.

“It was the best one ever,” Boehm said. “That was the biggest turnout we ever had,” Nye agreed.

The council also agreed to pay off some water bonds from the 1980s one year early.

The move will put the village in a more advantageous position to qualify for grants, Nye said. The remaining bonds are $10,000 “plus interest,” he added.