BARODA — The Baroda Township Board on Monday agreed to establish a separate fund for road repairs.

“There’s a lot of roads that are going to need a lot of work,” Treasurer Brenda Troxell told the board.

Troxell said the township used to send $5,000 a year to the Berrien County Road Commission, to be used as local matching funds for repairs to township roads. As the county has stopped that program, she proposed putting the funds instead into a road fund to help with repair costs.

Trustee David Wolf said he wondered whether the move might mean the township has to pay accountant’s fees to audit yet another fund, and whether the township rather than the Berrien County Road Department would have to decide “what gets fixed when.”

But Troxell said the township can avoid additional fees by simply leaving the money in the general fund, and that the township already has “some say” as to what roads get repaired.

“I think we know better what roads need to be fixed than the county,” township Supervisor Jim Brow said.

Troxell said the decision to leave the money in the general fund meant the board could approve the new fund by consensus, rather than by a formal vote.

Also Monday, the board decided to table a decision on fixing the leaking roof of the Baroda Municipal Building.

Brow said the township has received three bids, ranging from $27,800 for a shingle roof to $54,700 and $63,800 for metal roofs. “I tried to get more bids,” he said.

Trustee David Wolf asked to table a decision until the board finds out how it’s going to pay for the repairs. And Clerk Wendie Shafer said Baroda, which shares the Municipal Building with the township, is responsible for 40 percent of repair costs.

Wolf said he would contact Bob Getz, president of the Baroda Village Council, about the matter.

In other matters, the board after a brief public hearing approved the township’s general fund for the 2018-19 fiscal year, which began April 1.

The general fund for the new fiscal year shows revenue of $320,710 and expenditures of $319,006. The previous fiscal year had general fund revenue of $344,237 and expenses of $265,523.

The board voted to hire Hungerford Nichols to perform the township’s audit at a cost not to exceed $16,700.