BARODA — The Baroda Village Council on Monday voted to give itself a modest pay raise for 2019.

Council members will now get a salary of $75 a month, and $35 for each meeting, including special meetings, that they attend.

Trustee Larry Nye that will net them a total of $900 a year for salary, a raise of $100. They will also get a total meeting pay raise of $160, if they attend all scheduled meetings, he said.

Members will be paid quarterly, Nye said. Staff will also get the meeting pay raise, he added.

Also Monday, Council President Bob Getz said the Berrien County Road Commission wants to tear down its existing garage in the village and build a new one, and hook into the village’s water and sewer system when the Industrial Park is done.

Getz said the department doesn’t need the council’s permission, but “wants our blessing.” The council gave that blessing, with a couple of conditions.

Trustee Leonard Krone said the garage “cannot hook the floor drains to the sewer,” as that would cause problems for the system.

Nye said he’d like the department to erect an eight-foot fence around its property so residents “don’t see piles” of stored materials. That will take a zoning variance, as fences are normally limited to six feet, he added.

In other matters, Getz made committee and other assignments for the year.

Nye will continue as president pro tem, and Trustee Ed Rath will again be chairman of the Planning Commission, Getz said. Trustee Steve Jasper will be chairman of the finance committee, Trustee Don Turney will head the personnel committee, and Trustee Mike Price will join the personnel committee, he continued.

Krone was named street administrator. Getz also said he’s appointing Brad Matner to the Planning Commission, to fill a vacancy.

In other matters, Nye said that during last week’s deep freeze and snow storm, he saw a lot of Baroda residents clearing sidewalks and driveways for their neighbors.

Trustee Ed Rath was absent on Monday.