Benton Twp. police station to get medication drop-off box

BENTON TOWNSHIP — Benton Township police are hoping residents will keep them in mind when disposing of expired medication.

Police Chief Brian Smit said they plan to have a drop-off receptacle set up in the police station in the next few months, where residents can properly dispose of any excess medication.

“I think it’s very important. We’ve all run into that instance where there’s a prescription that expires,” Smit said. “It’s so easy to keep it in the medicine cabinet and forget about it. This is a way to dispose of it instead of throwing it in the trash or dumping it down the sink.”

The drop-off receptacle is being provided by KidCents, a wellness program that’s run through Rite Aid.

According to Smit, KidCents representatives reached out to the police department in July by email, saying the township is within an eligible region for the program.

Smit said he believes it will benefit the township and brought it before the board of trustees for approval earlier this month. With no cost to the township, the board unanimously approved the measure.

The drop-off receptacle will be inside the police station’s lobby at 1725 Territorial Suite A in Benton Township.

“It’s a disposable unit for older, out-of-date prescriptions,’” Smit said. “Then there are specific time periods throughout the year that it is picked up and disposed of at another location (by the program).”

The receptacle would only be accessed by program officials once they visit for pickups.

Smit said KidCents provides the container and anticipates it being installed within the next two months.

“The concept is to not have those prescriptions out there,” Smit said. “It will prevent any accidental poisonings of children in the household.”

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