Benton Twp. to add tractor, mowers

BENTON TOWNSHIP — Benton Township maintenance workers are about to get some help for the summer months.

At Tuesday’s Benton Township board meeting, trustees agreed to spend about $56,000 on Kubota tractor for its public works department.

Andy Jordan, director of the township’s public works department, said the tractor would be used for several projects, including work being done in township parks.

“We tried to get the best possible price that we could,” Jordan said. “Kubota ran it through the same type of national account pricing that we did with the automated garbage truck.”

According to Jordan, the township has several tractors in service. However, the last tractor the township bought new was in 1996.

The loader that township employees are using was built in 1958. That loader was bought used several years ago, Jordan said.

“We have plenty of mowers that we can pull behind this tractor,” he said. “The need is really for the loader and backhoe part.”

There will be a loader and grappling bucket that comes with the tractor. Superintendent Kelli Smith said some of the accessory items can be bought later if needed.

Supervisor Kevin White said a lot of the work that township maintenance workers are doing by hand could be done by buying this tractor.

“It’s long overdue,” White said.

The township’s equipment replacement fund will be used to pay for the new tractor.

Fire station mowers

The township is also buying two lawn mowers for a combined $9,000.

The mower that would go to Fire Station No. 1 would cost nearly $5,000 and the mower to be used at Fire Station No. 2 will cost about $4,000.

Smith said the fire department hasn’t bought any mowers since moving into the new fire station.

“We haven’t had a commercial grade mower at those sites,” Smith said.

Fire Station No. 2 has a smaller lawn, so the township is buying a smaller mower at a cheaper price.

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