Benton Twp. to buy more trash carts

Benton Township trustees agreed to buy more trash carts for residents at Tuesday’s board meeting. 

BENTON TOWNSHIP — It appears more and more Benton Township residents want to take advantage of municipal trash pick up.

Since the township introduced its trash pickup services two years ago, the number of residents signing on has nearly eclipsed the amount of trash carts the township has in storage.

As a result, township trustees agreed to buy 112 more carts at Tuesday’s board meeting.

“The amount of trash carts we have is getting low, which is a good thing,” Supervisor Kevin White said.

At $37 a cart and payment for shipping, the township agreed to pay $6,039 for more carts.

On Tuesday, White said the township was down to 13 trash carts left.

Trustees voted in a February 2017 board meeting to pay about $155,000 for 3,000 95-gallon trash carts to be distributed to residents, who pay the township for trash removal services.

As more blue trash carts with the green township logo have become a common fixture along streets, so has the amount of money coming in for the township.

In 2017, trustees were told it would take five years to break even on the price for those trash carts. Since the flood of customers, that time frame shrunk to three years.

The increase in revenue for the township’s trash pickup service has been big compared to the last few years.

The township has provided refuse service for a number of years.

However, many residents were forced to use their own trash carts or set their bags on the side of the road on pickup day.

Since the trash carts were made available in 2017, township officials said there has been less garbage on roads.

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