ST. JOSEPH — It’s getting pretty doggone easy to work with Berrien County Animal Control.

The department has a new portal on its website,, that allows residents to view adoptable pets, purchase dog licenses and even create a profile of their pet in case the animal is lost, Tiffany Peterson, director of animal control, reported to the Board of Commissioners’ Administration Committee.

The page for adoptable pets shows the animal’s name, breed, size, and whether the animal has been spayed or neutered.

The pet profile includes a description of the animal and contact information. It also can contain identification information if the pet has been microchipped.

The website includes information on adoptions, spay/neuter assistance, and how to volunteer and donate at the shelter.

The effort is aimed at finding homes for as many animals as possible, Peterson said. That goal was assisted by volunteers from Honor Credit Union, who participated in an Adoption Day event Nov. 16 to assist the eight full-time staff members, 20 part-time workers and other volunteers.

At that event, 150 people visited the shelter and 32 dogs and cats were adopted. That compares to the fewer than three animals adopted on an average Saturday, during business hours.

Animal Control has scheduled its Christmas party for Dec. 21.

At the time of Peterson’s report, Animal Control had 93 dogs, with 20 available for adoption. It also had 108 cats, with 32 available.

For September through Nov. 19, the department had taken in 297 dogs and 304 cats. It adopted out 103 dogs and 100 cats, with 91 canines and 12 felines returned to their owners and 29 dogs and four cats transferred to other facilities, for a live release rate of 98 and 38 percent, respectively.

The department euthanized 28 unadoptable dogs and 61 unadoptable cats, and 23 dogs and five cats were euthanized at the request of the owners.

Peterson told commissioners that of 77 animals rescued in a hoarding incident, all but three had been adopted or sent to rescue agencies.

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