City hopes new sidewalks will make downtown more accessible

COLOMA — Businesses in downtown Coloma will hopefully soon be a little easier to access.

The Coloma City Commission on Monday approved adding a new sidewalk along Baker Park on Federal Court from West Center Street to another new sidewalk between two buildings, connecting Federal Court to North Church Street.

Commissioner Fred Reeves said there are about 15 parking spots along Federal Court, and the few people who use them end up walking through the park’s grass to access the businesses along North Church Street, which turns into North Paw Paw Street.

“Downtown parking seems to be an issue every time we have a meeting,” Reeves said. “This will give them access to walk a little more safely on the sidewalk.”

The Coloma Downtown Development Authority has agreed to pay the cost of the sidewalk between the buildings at 126 and 127 N. Church St. and the city will pay the cost of the sidewalk along Baker Park.

Reeves said C&H Concrete has given bids for the project and the city’s cost is $3,640.

The Coloma Public Works Department (PWD) will install street lights along the sidewalks.

Commissioner Marsha Hammond said the two property owners that had to give easements for the sidewalk were Linda Sink and Sharon Kreitner. The other sidewalk will go on property owned by the city.

The PWD will maintain the sidewalks and lights year-round.

In other business, Commissioner Julie Smith, who sits on the ordinance committee, said the committee is still working to revise the city’s new blight ordinance after a public hearing at the commission meeting earlier this month.

Once updates are made, the city commission will vote on it.

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