SOUTH HAVEN — South Haven City Council apparently likes the job performance of City Manager Brian Dissette.

Council members Monday unanimously voted to extend Dissette’s contract for another year and increase his annual salary 2.65 percent, from $107,161 to $110,000. The council also agreed to pay Dissette a one-time $5,000 bonus.

Dissette’s performance as city manager was evaluated by council members during a closed session July 1. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, he received an overall rating of 4.7.

“He does a good job for the city,” said Human Resources Director Kim Wise.

Council members evaluated Dissette on such criteria as communication skills, management skills, financial planning and budgeting, delivery of city services and intergovernmental relations with surrounding communities.

Dissette was hired by the city in 2006 as an assistant city manager, before being named city manager in 2008.

Prior to working for the city, Dissette had served as city manager in neighboring Watervliet for five years.