Coalition holding book discussion on protecting Great Lakes

STEVENSVILLE — Interfaith Action of Southwest Michigan is hosting a community-wide book discussion at the Lincoln Township Public Library on Aug. 8.

The theme of the discussion, which runs from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., is being penned as “Great Waters, Great Read, Great Action.”

All attending the discussion are encouraged to read the book “Death and Life of the Great Lakes” by Dan Egan.

The book, a Michigan Notable Book and a New York Times bestseller, explores the eco-history of the lakes and the threats challenging the fragile system.

“‘The Death and Life of the Great Lakes’ is a compelling – and alarming – read,” Beth Kenagy, a leader of Interfaith Action, said in a news release. “But it is an important read for residents of Southwest Michigan, particularly for those who care about our environment. Communities of faith have a particular concern for the holiness of creation – our land, our waterways, our skies.”

Copies of the book are available for loan from the area’s local public libraries and can be bought from Forever Books in downtown St. Joseph.

“Lake Michigan is one of our region’s greatest assets,” said Bob Kynast, chair of Interfaith Action’s Great Waters and Green Faith working group. “It’s critically important for us as a community to understand the threats to its viability, and what we can and should do to ensure that it is protected and preserved.”

All are invited to participate in the book discussion both to share insights and to propose action as a community.

Rev. Susan Greenwood, a co-facilitator of Interfaith Action, said it’s important for Southwest Michigan residents to understand the current threats to Lake Michigan and other waterways to the state.

“Protecting our environment is a priority for people of faith,” Greenwood said in the release. “Creation is a Holy Gift – creation is a daily revelation of the goodness of God.”

To register for the book discussion, visit Interfaith Action’s website at