Coloma Twp. plans 2019 road projects

COLOMA — Coloma Township will do work on 10 of its roads this year.

Township Trustee Bryan Duffield, who sits on the road committee, told the township board Wednesday night that it will spend $362,327 on roads this year.

He reported that Atherton Drive from Coloma Road to Boyer Road, and Beach Street and Walnut Street from Paw Paw Lake Road to Paw Paw Lake Road will get brand new surfaces.

Carmody Road from Carter Road to Park Road will get a grind, gravel, prime and double seal treatment. Carmody Road from Hennessy Road to Pavement Joint will get gravel.

Van Road From Becht Road to North Coloma Road will get prime and double seal.

Little Paw Paw Road from Interlochen Road to Clymer Road; Ryno Road from Angling Road to Hennessy Road; Wilson Road from Bundy Road to the city/township line; and Douglas Road from Paw Paw Lake Road to the end will get a seal coat.

The Berrien County Road Department contributed $66,254 to the township for road projects this year.

Duffield said Clymer Road was scheduled to be worked on until the county realized it was a primary road, so the county will work on it, but not this year. The $89,257 that was allocated for that road will get used for the other road projects, not changing the final cost, he said.

Berrien County will work on 5.2 miles of road in the township this year, including parts of Red Arrow Highway and North Coloma Road.

In other business, trustees approved spending up to $35,500 to install commercial grade fencing around Washington School Park. It was reported that this will include fencing around the pond to keep kids out of it and taking out some trees to make it easier to take care of the park.

Police Chief Wes Smigielski told the board that he and Coloma Community Schools Superintendent Dave Ehlers will be at next month’s meeting to discuss adding a school resource officer to the school district.

Ehlers reported at the school board’s February meeting that the two entities were in talks to create the position and that the officer would start sometime mid-summer to start working in the schools next school year.

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