STEVENSVILLE — Lincoln Township bought its second large fire truck in five years.

Fire Chief Brandon Chiarello said the truck was delivered Tuesday, about a month ahead of schedule.

The fire truck, a 2019 Pierce Enforcer, is expected to be in service about a week after Thanksgiving.

“We have to do some training on it to get our guys familiar with it,” Chiarello said. “We went back to the basics with this one. There are no crazy electronics on it. That was one of the biggest issues with the truck we got rid of.”

The new fire truck cost the township $546,000, which the township paid for through a loan that trustees approved in May.

Chiarello said the truck will be much easier to operate than the one it’s replacing.

“We basically want to show up and put water on the fire,” Chiarello said. “The other truck had every bell and whistle you could think of. We have a 1995 Pierce and mirrored the specifications of that one and kind of updated it.”

It was around this time last year the township decided to unload a fire truck that was bought in 2014, which had become unreliable.

When the township bought that truck in 2014, it cost about $539,000. The township bought the truck thanks to a quarter-mill levy for fire department capital expenditures that voters approved in 2013.

Fire officials reported an incident in which the 2014 truck was unable to put out a fire last year. Firefighters were responding to a car fire along I-94 when the truck wouldn’t shift into gear.

When buying the new truck, Chiarello said he and two captains spent four months going over what they wanted on the truck. Then it took two and half months to build.

Lincoln firefighters were able to visit the Wisconsin-based company for a mid-point and final inspection.

Compared to its predecessor, the new fire truck is a four-man cab instead of six.

So far, Chiarello said at least three firefighters have done training on the new truck. The township still has to put the radio in and officials are in the process of mounting additional tools.

“Once we get enough guys signed off on it, then we’ll run some calls,” Chiarello said. “The last week of November is the target date.”

He said the 2014 fire truck sat in the garage for three to four months before firefighters were comfortable enough to use it.

“This new one is a basic truck so it will be quicker to train on,” Chiarello said. “This one has more safety features and an air-rise suspension. We did drop to 750 gallons of water instead of 1,100.”

Chiarello said they lowered the amount of water the truck carries because the township is 85 percent hydrant-covered.

“It helps having a shorter truck,” Chiarello said. “With there being some tight roads in the township, we would have to back all the way out. This allows us to have a better turn radius.”

Supervisor Dick Stauffer said so far he is impressed with the truck.

“It’s going to be a longstanding part of our fleet,” Stauffer said.

Chiarello said the firefighters want to do a pushing ceremony to commemorate the new truck. Weather pending, he said there will be an open house for the truck after Thanksgiving.

“Residents can have confidence in this truck,” he said. “This will serve for 20-30 years with no issues like we dealt with in the past.”

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