BARODA — Four candidates will vie for three available trustee positions on the Baroda Village Council in the Nov. 6 general election.

Incumbent trustees Milt Sluder and Larry Nye are running for new four-year terms, while current Trustee Mona Himmelein, on the council since 2005, is not running for re-election. Leonard Krone, a former Village Council trustee from back in the 1980s, and Mike Price have filed for election to the board.

The top three vote-getters will win the trustee posts.

Council President Bob Getz has filed for re-election and faces no opposition. The president serves a two-year term.

Nye, 78, a former council president, has been on the council since 1975 and has been re-elected 10 times. He is also chairman of the Baroda Downtown Development Authority and has been since the authority’s start around 1984.

“I enjoy the work I do,” Nye said. “I still feel up to it, still enjoy the work. So I thought, well, I’ll try it for one more term ... I’d like to just keep doing what we’ve been doing for the last 40 years, trying to make Baroda better, every year.”

Nye is a liaison between the council and the work crews for the village park. He’s worked at Nye’s Auto Tech, a business his father started in 1936, for 62 years.

He and his wife, Joan, have two children. Nye is a 1958 graduate of Lakeshore High School, Lakeshore’s first graduating class.

Sluder, 65, who has been on the council since 2005, is Baroda Garage foreman for the Berrien County Road Department. An Army veteran, he joined the department 22 years ago and has been foreman for 18 years.

“I’ve just gotten interested in continuing what we’re doing here in the village,” Sluder said. “I think we’re making some good progress, and I’d like to see that continue. ... I’d just like to continue with the progress we made with the Streetscape and the other improvements in the village.”

Among those other improvements is the Industrial Park, Sluder said.

Sluder, a 1974 graduate of Berrien Springs High School, has an associate’s degree in general studies from Southwest Michigan College. He and his wife, Terri, have two daughters and a son.

Krone, 68, retired as the village’s public works director last July. He had been with the department for some 35 years.

Regarding his decision to run for another council post, Krone said, “I would like to see them change their ways a little, in the way they’re doing business ... I think they should slow down with that whole project (the Industrial Park), and there’s projects here in town that were never finished from way back when I was on the council in the ’80s. ... Maintain what you’ve got before you start something new.”

Regarding infrastructure, “I know the system, I know the water, I know the sewers, I know the roads,” Krone said.

Krone, who left the Village Council to take his public works job full-time, is a 1969 graduate of Lakeshore High School. He and his wife, Katherine, have one daughter.

Price, 32, is a general contractor and owns Lightning Construction in Baroda. He grew up in Baroda Township and bought a house in the village five or six years ago.

“I’m just kind of into politics and stuff,” Price said. About his decision to run for a council seat, “I was talking to neighbors, and they talked me into it. ... I’ve lived in Baroda my whole life, so just to bring my experiences in, and knowing everyone and talking to them and knowing their concerns, and bring that to the board.”

Price is a 2004 graduate of Lakeshore High School, attended the welding program at Southwestern Michigan College, and attended Lake Michigan College. He belongs to the Coast Guard Reserve in Michigan City, Ind.

Price and his wife, Christina, have one daughter.

Getz, 65, has been president since 2002. He joined the council in 1996

When asked why she decided to not run for another council term, Himmelein replied, “Just busy.”