STEVENSVILLE — Lincoln Township is on a deadline to finish its Glenlord Beach Park project by this fall, or it risks losing state funding to pay the majority of the cost.

Lincoln Treasurer Terrie Smith said they plan to begin renovations to the small park area located at the end of Glenlord Road as soon as the weather permits it.

The township has until September to complete the project.

“We have the grant and had extra money to put into it,” Smith said. “We’d hate to lose the grant. It is an area that gets a lot of people looking at sunsets. People go out there on their lunch breaks.”

The township received the Michigan Department of Transportation grant worth $500,000 in 2017.

The project is estimated to cost more than $600,000, Smith said. At last week’s board meeting, township trustees accepted the lowest bid for the construction of the park, by Pearson Construction for about $323,200.

The project will feature a major revamping of the park. 

Smith said work includes tearing down the overlook structure and adding a pavilion. The driveway and parking area will be moved back, decreasing the number of parking spaces.

There will be a lookout point that is flat, Smith said. This is to include a turf terrace with a stone retaining wall behind it. The project would include additional landscaping, as well.

Smith said the park will not be bathroom-accessible.

“If we do anything, we’ll put up Porta Potties because it’s too expensive (to install a permanent bathroom facility),” Smith said.

Smith said if works can get started by next month, then the project could be completed by July or August.

Though the area is called Glenlord Beach Park, the name is now a misnomer due to erosion. Decades ago there was a beach below the bluff. Lincoln Township, using state and federal grants plus matching local money, built the deck and an elaborate stairway down to the beach in 1984, according to HP files. 

But the project soon became somewhat controversial, as Lake Michigan water levels rose dramatically and erosion obliterated the beach. According to a 2010 article, the township has twice replaced the stairway due to damage caused by erosion and harsh winter ice. Eventually the township was forced to close the stairway and gate off access down the bluff.

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