Hagar to turn baseball field into area for dogs

Hagar Township is in the process of closing in one of the three baseball fields at Momany Park to allow for a place for people to let their dogs off-leash.

COLOMA — A baseball diamond will soon become a dog park in Hagar Township. 

Township Supervisor Izzy DiMaggio said this week that the township has decided to close in one of the three baseball fields at Momany Park. 

“It’s something we’re trying on a trial basis to see if it’s something people will use,” he said. 

The baseball fields, along Thar Road and Momany Park Drive, have not been used in about two years for actual baseball. 

“Neighborhood kids will play at it, but it’s not used a lot,” DiMaggio said. “Back in the day there used to be an organized little league that used the fields, and then about three years ago an adult group used it for softball.”

The idea of repurposing the fields has been talked about for the last year or so, but there has been no organized effort to make it a dog park, he said. 

“We already allow dogs on our beaches,” DiMaggio said. “The area is already fenced. Just by doing a little modification, and adding a gate, people can let their dog free in a confined area. And there’s not going to be any kids there playing.”

He said the fence modification will cost about $600 and the park should be ready in the next week or two. 

DiMaggio said the township won’t put any signs that say it is a dog park yet, but it will put litter bags.

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