Hagar Township reports another clean audit

Don Campbell / HP staff The Hagar Township Public Safety Building, located at 3061 Coloma Rd., in Riverside, is pictured April 3, 2018.

RIVERSIDE — Hagar Township remains in great financial shape, says Township Supervisor Izzy DiMaggio.

The township received the results of its annual audit this week and the results show the township ended the fiscal year with revenues exceeding expenses.

"The fund balances were over $4.4 million, of which over $1.4 million in the general fund is unassigned and available at the township board's discretion," DiMaggio said. "This unassigned balance reflects 232 percent of general fund expenditures."

He said Hagar Township remains debt free and was in compliance with all laws and regulations. 

"The primary reason being the fiscal responsibility of the township board and staff, of which all board members and employees are part-time," DiMaggio said. "The township will continue to improve the quality of life for our residents through major improvements to our roads and new equipment, maintenance and upgrading the facilities of our parks and beaches."

He said securing new equipment and keeping up on maintenance of equipment for the North Berrien Fire and Rescue Department is important to the township as well. 

DiMaggio, who sits on the fire board, reported that the department is also in great shape and ended the year with a general fund balance of over $300,000, which reflects 53 percent of general fund expenditures. 

"The fire department remains totally debt free and was in compliance with all laws and regulations," DiMaggio said.  

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