Hartford considers allowing more dispensaries

HARTFORD — Hartford City Commissioners have found themselves reconsidering their medical marijuana ordinance.

At least two more groups are interested in opening medical marijuana dispensaries in Hartford, but the city’s ordinance only allows one of each type of facility: One Class A grower, 500 plants; one Class B grower, 1,000 plants; one Class C grower, 1,500 plants; one processor facility; one secure transporter; one safety compliance facility; and one dispensary.

The one dispensary, Med+Leaf, that has been approved by the city and the state, is on track to open its doors Oct. 1 at 309 W. Main St.

A realtor for one of the interested groups and an attorney for the other were both at the Hartford City Commission meeting Monday night to express their clients’ willingness to move quickly toward opening.

Commissioners agreed to create a committee to explore revising the ordinance, which was originally adopted in November 2017.

“We want all the dispensaries to survive,” Commissioner Frank Dockter said. “We don’t want three to open up and two of them fold, or all of them. That’s our main concern. It’s not an easy situation in my opinion.”

Dockter and Commissioners Dennis Goss and Hellen Sullivan will serve on the committee to do some research on if it’s feasible for Hartford to have more than one kind of each medical marijuana facility.

The city has opted out of allowing recreational marijuana facilities, but City Manager Yemi Akinwale reported that the city’s attorney is reviewing the emergency rules released by the state earlier this month. The attorney will then make a recommendation to the commissioners regarding whether they should reconsider the recreational option.

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