Hartford gets 2 more medical marijuana applications

HARTFORD — Two more businesses have applied to have medical marijuana provisioning centers in Hartford, but both are missing some information.

City Manager Yemi Akinwale, in his monthly report this week, said the city has received two applications for stores where medical marijuana, along with infused products, would be sold, but both have been sent back to the applicants for further information.

One of the stores has been proposed for part of the property at the Hartford Speedway. It would be called Lake Life Farms, Inc.

“The application has been reviewed and is missing some pieces of information,” Akinwale said. “The potential owners have been notified of the missing information so that they could provide them as soon as possible.”

The second location is being proposed for the old Krenek Ford building at 325 W. Main St. It would be called Bloomhill, LLC.

“While the site plan has already been approved, this applicant overlooked the floor plan requirement in the application package,” Akinwale said. “The applicant has been informed of this oversight so the missing information can be provided soon.” 

Hartford’s medical marijuana ordinance allows for up to four provisioning centers. It’s first center is set to open this month at 301 W. Main St. 

“I’m looking forward to working with these potential businesses in town,” Akinwale said.

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