Hartford OKs medical marijuana dispensary

The Hartford City Hall is pictured Nov. 17, 2017.

HARTFORD — Six months and two locations later, a medical marijuana dispensary has been approved in Hartford. 

Med+Leaf’s application for a store at 309 W. Main St., where medical marijuana and marijuana-infused products can be sold, was approved unanimously Monday night by the Hartford City Commission. 

Doug Von Koenig, an investor in Med+Leaf, said Tuesday owners want to open by the year’s end, pending state licensing. 

“It’s hard to predict how long the state will take to process our application. They’ve been running about four months,” he said. “Plus we need a couple of months for the interior build out of our leased building, which starts as soon as we get Stage 1 approval and will take about two months as well.”

Med+Leaf’s original application location, 11 W. Main St., was deemed too close to a church, leading to city commissioners denying the application in March. Marijuana facilities must be more than 500 feet away from churches and more than 1,000 feet away from schools. 

The new location meets all the distance requirements and was inspected by the city’s fire and police chiefs and building inspector. The city’s Planning Commission and lawyer reviewed the application as well.  

The city’s medical marijuana ordinance, approved in November, allows for one type of each facility in the city, so no other dispensaries would be allowed as long as Med+Leaf is in business. 

A medical marijuana growing operation at the Hartford Motor Speedway is being vetted by the city. It would sit on 5 unused acres of the site’s 42 acres. 

Depending on how many plants the growing operation wants to grow, either 500, 1,000 or 1,500, two other grow operations would be allowed, along with one processor facility, one secure transporter and one safety compliance facility.

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