When I am traveling south on Niles Avenue in St. Joseph, in the area with all the fast food joints and stores like Family Dollar and Harding’s, if I am going to turn right into one of those businesses, I never know the proper time to put my turn signal on.

For example, if I’m going to Family Dollar, but there is a car waiting to exit McDonald’s, (which comes first) but the two driveways are very close, what should I do? If I apply my signal too late, the car behind me might not stop in time and hit me from behind. If I apply my signal too early, the car waiting to pull out of McDonald’s might think I’m turning there, and pull out in front of me, causing a collision. Who would be at fault in a crash in either of those scenarios? And what can you advise motorists as far as signaling turns in this area, where people take a lot of chances pulling out onto the busy road? I see a lot of close calls.

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