ST. JOSEPH — The leadership and inspiration of Krasl Art Center Executive Director Julia Gourley Donohue helped put the organization over the top of its $1.8 million fundraising goal for its “Sculpting Community” project.

“Julia understood the importance of this project from the start,” said Steve Wessell, retired executive vice president of 1st Source Bank and former treasurer of the Krasl board. “She brought the project to life for the board members, the staff and too many community members to count. She understood the hard work, outreach and funding this project would take. But she also could see the big picture. She could see the families having lunch in the shaded plaza, groups of friends having coffee around the fire feature and kids everywhere, playing with Big Blue Blocks in the plaza, engaging the sculptures in Lupe Hopp’s Garden. She got it – and she got us to get it, too.”